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Our past sponsors understood the need for community support to keep this type of facility available for loved ones. Due to the growing number of senior citizens and related health needs, this type of care is vital, especially for those with limited resources. With your help, we can sustain this generosity in today’s changing world.

George F. Peabody supported development in the Fox Valley community. Remembered as a prominent businessman, Peabody owned and operated the Pettibone-Peabody store, which later became the H.C. Prange Company. Peabody, who was known as a passionate philanthropist, worked, lived and provided for future citizens, via his last will and testament.

Through this leader’s vision and generosity, Peabody Manor was built as a retirement facility for the elderly and an endowment fund was established, especially to assist those with limited financial resources. His legacy continues today through the George F. Peabody Foundation of The Heritage and Peabody Manor Community.

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